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Yleisiä Kysymyksiä

KK: Mitä muuttomyynti on?
VV: Muuttomyynti on verkkomyynti alusta jossa voi ostaa ja myydä huonekaluja / ja kodin sisustusta ilman turhaa sähläystä.
KK: Why use Muuttomynti?
VV: Muuttomyynti is safe, fast and easy! We handle all payments and transactions on your behalf and do the heavy lifting for you.
KK: What regions does Muuttomyynti serve?
VV: We currently operate in Helsinki Metropolitan (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen) and its immediate vicinity.
KK: How do I join Muuttomyynti?
VV: You may register to join Muuttomyynti or you may log into your Muuttomyynti account by using your third party social networking accounts, such as Facebook or Google. You can also create an account using our short registration form.

Ostajan UKK

KK: Do I have to register to place an order?
VV: We require all users to register in order to use our service. You can easily join using your social media account i.e. Facebook or Google. Or by filling our short registration form.
KK: Can I see an item before I purchase?
VV: Buyers may discuss viewing an item through the messaging system. However, we are not responsible and can't facilitate any interactions that occur off our platform. We provide a clear and transparent process to save you the hassle of making visits.
KK: How do I buy an item?
VV: To buy an item on Muuttomyynti, simply find the item you wish to purchase and add it to your shopping cart. Once you're ready to purchase, go to your shopping cart and click on 'Submit a purchase request' – We will confirm to you by email within 24 hours with a payment link.
KK: How do I make an offer?
VV: You can send your offer price using the 'Make an Offer' button. We will email you within 24 hours with the seller's response. If the offer is accepted, you can complete the payment using the same email link or by navigating to My Offers under Purchases in your Account.
KK: What happens after I submit a purchase request?
VV: Once you submit a purchase request, we’ll notify the seller via email. The seller has 24 hours to confirm your purchase. We'll email you with a payment link once the seller confirms. If the seller doesn’t confirm the request within this time frame, we'll cancel the sale. After payment, you’ll propose three possible delivery dates and time windows to the seller. The seller will either confirm one of the dates you selected or propose additional pickup/delivery dates. Once both parties are in agreement, we’ll proceed to schedule the pickup and delivery on our system. If you choose to pick up an item yourself we'll send you a verification code once the sale is confirmed – to be given to the seller as an approval of your satisfaction. In addition, we’ll provide you and the seller with each other’s contact information for coordination.
KK: What happens after I submit an offer request?
VV: Once you submit an offer request, we’ll notify the seller via email. The seller has 24 hours to confirm your offer. We'll email you with a payment link once the seller confirms. If the seller doesn’t confirm the request within this time frame, we'll cancel the sale. After payment, you’ll propose three possible delivery dates and time windows to the seller. The seller will either confirm one of the dates you selected or propose additional pickup/delivery dates. Once both parties are in agreement, we’ll proceed to schedule the pickup and delivery on our system. If you choose to pick up an item yourself we'll email you a verification code once the sale is confirmed – to be given to the seller as an approval of your satisfaction. In addition, we’ll provide you and the seller with each other’s contact information. You'll coordinate from there.
KK: I just paid an item, but I've changed my mind and no longer want it. Can I cancel the purchase?
VV: Buying on Muuttomyynti is on a first-come, first-serve basis – for this reason, you cannot cancel a paid item because this would be problematic to the seller given that they're often under a time crunch (Eg. moving). However, it's possible to cancel a purchase request for an unpaid item. Note that you're entitled to a full refund if an item is wrong/missing/doesn't match the listing, as stated in our Money-Back Guarantee Policy.
KK: How do I reschedule delivery?
VV: You can reschedule up until a day prior to your delivery by contacting our customer service. Unfortunately, you're unable to reschedule if your delivery is within 24 hours as routes are already finalized.
KK: How can I contact the seller?
VV: If you'd like to contact the seller, go to their listing and click the 'Ask Question' button on the right.
KK: Do you inspect for Bed Bugs?
VV: Our delivery team inspects items for accuracy at pickup. During this inspection they also check for bed bugs. If our delivery team finds any signs of bed bugs, which is extremely rare, then we'll cancel the sale and notify the buyer immediately.
KK: Can I pick up an item VS have it delivered?
VV: As long as a listing shows local pickup is available, you will be able to choose self-pickup at the time of checkout. If a listing does not show local pickup is available. You can message the seller to see if they would be open to this option. If you decide to pick up an item yourself keep in mind: 1. We'll email you with a verification code – to be presented to the seller as your approval. 2. We’ll email both parties each other’s contact information after payment. Note: You should check the item for any discrepancies at the time of pickup. If you encounter any issues with the item, leave it at the pickup location and contact our customer service via email at for the next steps.
KK: How does the local pickup work?
VV: Local pickup is a method that allows you as the buyer to pick up the order straight from the seller. You will receive an item-specific Verification code with the order confirmation to present to the seller when collecting the item. With the Verification code, the seller confirms the sale in his/her account.
KK: I made an order, but I haven't received an order confirmation via email. Is something wrong?
VV: You will always receive a confirmation email after placing an order. If you haven’t received our confirmation email for your order, please check to see if it has arrived as spam. If you don’t find the confirmation email, contact our customer service. If you created an account, check the spelling of your email address.
KK: Which payment methods are accepted?
VV: We currently accept the following safe payment options: 1. Card payment (debit and credit) – using Stripe, 2. Bank transfer – you can pay directly to our bank account using your order number as the payment reference.

Myyjän UKK

KK: Can I sell on Muuttomyynti if I'm not in Helsinki Metropolitan?
VV: Muuttomyynti currently serves Helsinki Metropolitan – Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen, Kirkkonummi, Kerava. You’re able to sell from any of these cities and we'll make sure your furniture gets where it needs to go.
KK: What items can I sell on Muuttomyynti?
VV: Sofas, tables, chairs, beds, storage & organizations, lightings, rugs, decorations.
KK: How do I list an item?
VV: Click 'Sell Now' and follow the prompts. You’ll need to add atleast 3 photos of your item, provide details and set your selling price.
KK: How do I edit or delete my listing?
VV: Click on ‘view profile’ from your user account, then click on products. From there you can select the listing/product you want to edit/delete.
KK: How to take good photos?
VV: Ensure your item sells fast by adding clear photos – a minimum of three photos. The main photo should show the full item. If possible, use a white background – and make sure the lighting is good. Remember to capture all angles, details, and evidence of wear. Don’t forget to include close-up photos of the brand label – this will help the buyer.
KK: How do I price my furniture?
VV: The sad truth is that furniture loses up to 60% of its value once it leaves a store. For this reason, we recommend pricing your items at least 50% off their original cost. It's also a good idea to allow sellers to send their offers – as this can help you sell your item fast!
KK: What is Muuttomyynti's selling fee?
VV: Listing on Muuttomyynti is FREE. You only pay a transaction fee ( 12% ) if your item sells.
KK: How do I know an inquiry is legitimate?
VV: For your safety and protection, please conduct all communications and payments through Muuttomyynti. Signs of potential fraud to watch: 1. A buyer or seller asking for your personal information at any time during the process – all transactions are done through Muuttomyynti; 2. A potential buyer or seller asks to discuss the transaction off-platform. Note that any transactions taken off of Muuttomyynti are not covered by our Money back guarantee. If you have any questions or concerns about a transaction, please reach out to our customer service at Please note: For self-pickup, we will email both the buyer and seller with each other's contact info (phone number & email) once a transaction is complete.
KK: How can I sell faster?
VV: To be able to sell faster, you'll need to have a complete listing – Great photos, complete description, and a competitive selling price.
KK: How and when do I get paid?
VV: Payment will be visible in your bank account 2-3 business days after delivery, depending on your bank. To get paid, you'd need to set your payout account by clicking Earnings from your user account.
KK: What Happens if I decline a purchase request?
VV: Please remember to delete your item if it's no longer available for sale – to create a better experience for everyone! Kindly note that the system will automatically unpublish your item if you decline a purchase request/ miss to confirm your purchase request within 24 hours.
KK: What happens if I decline an offer request?
VV: Nothing happens if you decline an offer request – your listing will remain active. Note that you can either enable or disable offer requests by editing your listing under offers.
KK: How do I reschedule my pick up?
VV: You can request to reschedule your pickup if it's not within 24 hours. But there's no guarantee the buyer will want to reschedule since buyers plan well in advance to be available for their delivery. Remember buyers may ask to be compensated the delivery fee or cancel the sale.
KK: What is Muuttomyynti’s Cancellation Policy?
VV: All sales are final on Muuttomyynti – this applies to both buyers and sellers. Please make sure your item is available before confirming a purchase request. Canceling a sale after payment confirmation is prohibited by Muuttomyynti and may result in your listings being unpublished/ your account blocked. If you cancel, your item cannot be re-listed on Muuttomyynti out of respect for the original buyer.
KK: How does local pickup work?
VV: If you offer a local pickup, the buyer will pick up the item from your home or the location you have chosen. A local pickup is a delivery option that can be added to a listing if you are willing to meet up locally to give the buyer the item. The buyer receives a listing-specific Verification code with the order confirmation to present to you during the pickup. With the code, you confirm the sale at your Muuttomyynti account.
KK: Will you pickup my furniture and store it until it sells?
VV: Unfortunately, we don't buy or store seller's items. However, we'll pick up your item once it sells and pickup/delivery is scheduled.

Nouto & Toimitus

KK: How does pickup and delivery work?
VV: If a buyer chooses to have their item delivered, we’ll pick up/deliver the item on the date(s) the seller/buyer agreed to. Our delivery team will notify customers by phone that they're on their way 15 - 30 minutes before arriving. At pickup, our delivery team will: 1. View the item for accuracy and authenticity vs. the listing 2. Ensure the measurements are correct 3. Inspect for cleanliness 4. Take photos to validate the condition of the item 5. Wrap and cover the item for delivery to its new home 6. If the delivery team notices a potential discrepancy with the item’s condition, they will reach out to the Muuttomyynti team and buyer to gain approval for delivery. Once the item is verified, our delivery team will perform any necessary disassembly, wrap, cover, and deliver the item to the buyer.
KK: What if seller is unavailable? What happens then?
VV: If the delivery team arrives at the pickup address and can't reach the seller within 10 minutes, they'll have to move on to their next stop. At this point, the delivery will have to be re-scheduled. If we do not hear back from the seller in 24 hours, the sale will be canceled and the buyer refunded in full within two business days.
KK: When does Muuttomyynti pick up and deliver items?
VV: As a rule – all paid items should be scheduled for pickup/delivery within seven days of payment. Muuttomyynti delivery is available Monday to Sunday with time windows of 3 hours beginning from 0800 - 2000. Please note that depending on already scheduled pickups and deliveries, some time windows might not be available on your selected pickup/delivery days. Our delivery team will notify customers when they're on their way 15 - 45 minutes before arriving.
KK: Can I pick up items from a seller?
VV: Yes, as long as the seller has provided it as an option on their listing. If you decide to pick up an item yourself, keep in mind that: 1. We’ll email both parties with each other’s contact information once a sale is confirmed. 2. You should verify the item for accuracy at the pickup location before taking it. If you encounter any issues with the item, please leave it at the pickup location and contact us via email - We’ll be happy to assist you.
KK: What happens if the item doesn't match the listing at pickup?
VV: Our delivery team will contact the buyer immediately they notice a disparity in the item during pickup. They will email/WhatsApp photo evidence of the issue and seek further direction from the buyer. As a buyer, you have the following options once an item is flagged: 1. accept the item and proceed with delivery 2. request a discount from the seller 3. reject the item and cancel the sale – you'll receive a full refund. Reasons for flagging: 1. broken item 2. wrong dimensions 3. different colour 4. evidence of bedbugs exposure 5. strong smell/ odour etc
KK: Can I shorten my time window?
VV: Unfortunately, it is not possible to shorten the delivery time window.
KK: How much does delivery cost?
VV: We offer a flat rate delivery in our service areas starting from €25. Delivery outside our service areas is possible at an extra charge. We offer two delivery options as follows: 1. delivery to your front yard (cheapest delivery) 2. delivery into your apartment (extra charge depending on the number of stairs) The exact delivery fee will be shown to you before you confirm your purchase request.
KK: Who covers the delivery fee?
VV: The buyer always covers the delivery fee. They can also opt to pick the item from the seller (as long as the seller allows) if they want to save on delivery.
KK: Can Muuttomyynti take care of extensive furniture disassembly?
VV: Unfortunately, our delivery teams can only do minor furniture disassembly to remove them from your home. Extensive furniture disassembly would require a professional disassembly service – not covered in our basic delivery fees.
KK: Do I have to disassemble my item?
VV: No. Don’t disassemble your furniture/item before pickup. The delivery team will do that if needed during pick after verification.
KK: I opted to pick up my item from the seller, but now I want it delivered - Can I switch?
VV: Yes. Just get in touch with our customer service, and they will help you switch. Notice that we’ll charge you a delivery fee – you can estimate using the calculator in the seller’s listing.
KK: I selected delivery, but now I want to pick up the item myself. Can I switch?
VV: Yes – if the seller allows. Please chat with the seller and see if they would be okay with a self-pickup. We’ll refund the delivery fee and provide both parties with each other’s contact info to coordinate the pickup. However, the sale will proceed with Muuttomyynti delivery if they are uncomfortable with a self-pickup.
KK: I need to update my address.
VV: You cannot edit your address once the sale is confirmed – the delivery fee is based on your address. You’ll need to contact our customer service for guidance.
KK: How can I add instructions for pickup/delivery?
VV: Please email us the instructions and we’ll communicate it to our delivery team.
KK: I missed my delivery - what do I do?
VV: Your delivery will have to be rescheduled for another day if we can't reach you within 10 mins of arriving at your location/home. Please note that we will have to charge a re-delivery fee on top of a storage fee.
KK: I'm moving today and my item sold - can you come pick up my furniture?
VV: Unfortunately, we can't arrange same-day delivery. However, it's possible to pick up the item from your new home - as long as it's within our coverage area. You can write to our customer service if you're unsure about this.

Palautukset / Peruutukset

KK: What is Muuttomyynti's return policy?
VV: All sales are final on Muuttomyynti. However, buyers may request to return an item if it was falsely described in the listing. You can read our detailed return policy from the footer section.
KK: What is Muuttomyynti’s claim policy?
VV: You qualify for a full refund if your item arrives and doesn't match the description given by the seller in condition, brand, size, or authenticity. Damaged item? – Muuttomyynti / Muuttomyynti delivery partner will take responsibility if the damage is proven to have occurred during delivery. Please file a complaint/return request within 24 hours of delivery with evidence of the damage/or discrepancies.

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